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The Journalism Prize “Shuki” Winners for Round 3 Announced

The Center for International Development and Cooperation of Estonia (ESTDEV) and JAMnews have reviewed numerous outstanding journalistic works and selected the following entries as winners of the “Shuki” Prize third round competition.

And the winners are:

  • Aidan Yusif, Mariam Kachkachashvili, Manana Ghoghoberidze –

“The price of a parliamentarian’s vote – what did the opposition member Khabuliani trade his vote for with the Georgian Dream?”

A four-month journalistic investigation conducted in 2023 revealed that the Supreme Council of Justice is filled with members closely associated with the “judicial clan.” The investigation reported that the “Georgian Dream” party helped the opposition secure desired candidates by trading votes. It was uncovered that the business of one opposition MP benefited significantly after the vote.

  • Kate Tutberidze – Studio Monitor

“Beyond the concrete walls – violated rights in psychiatric institutions”

ქეთი თუთბერიძე - შუქის მესამე რაუნდის გამარჯვებული

This investigation exposed the degrading treatment and abuse of patients with mental health problems in psychiatric institutions. Issues highlighted include squatting, confinement, violence, poor-quality food, unsanitary conditions, and faulty infrastructure, remnants of the Soviet-era blockade on Georgian psychiatry. Former patients and human rights defenders shared their harrowing experiences with “Studio Monitor.” Numerous reports confirm that this issue is a systemic problem that the state has failed to address.

  • Temo Inasaridze – Samkhretis Karibche

“Pray there, and not here – are the rights of the Muslim community restricted in the Adygen District?”

თემო ინასარიძე - შუქის მესამე რაუნდის გამარჯვებული

This article discusses religious disagreements in the village of Adigeni, Samtskhe-Javakheti. Some members of the Orthodox congregation object to the existence of a Muslim prayer space and theological school in a residential house, arranged by Merab (Yusuf) Mikeladze. Muslims from different villages who come to Adigeni and cannot reach the village shrine during the day pray here instead.

The overarching goal of this project is to foster ethical and responsible journalism practices in Georgia, promoting transparency and accountability in media reporting.

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